Introduction: Cleaning Crab and Prawns at Home.

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My younger sister is very scared to clean crab and prawns and hence she hardly buys them. Whenever I go this Chinese Fish Market near my place, they sell fresh smaller sized crabs and I can't resist but buy them. So, I thought of doing an instructable on cleaning them. I just love both so somehow learnt to clean and now I do it easily most of the time :) With practice, its really gets easier. I prefer to break my crab into pieces and I prefer to cook crab masala with Indian spices and its just delicious. You could leave the crab legs on it as it is if you wish as well.

Prawns are also super easy to clean. Many people prefer leaving the shell on them but I prefer to remove the shell and leave the tail because I want to remove that slimy vein on the hump of the prawn which can cause some damage to our digestive system. Again, I love to make Prawn Masala in the Indian style sometimes and Grilled Prawns with yogurt sauce some other times. I have instructables for both these. Do check it whenever possible and please do try it. Thank you.

Step 1: Cleaning Crab

  1. Wash the crab under running water to remove all the dirt around.
  2. Remove the top hard shell
  3. Turn the crab upside down and pull out all the black nesty kind of substance carefully.
  4. I prefer to remove the crab legs so just pull it out.
  5. The tip of the crab leg might not have any flesh inside so break it into half and discard it or just use it inside the curry as it adds extra flavour.
  6. Wash all the parts again carefully.
  7. Clean crab is now ready to be cooked.

Step 2: Cleaning Prawns


  1. Prawns


  1. Remove the shell with your fingers (its pretty gentle and not tough at all) and leave the tail as is it.
  2. Make a slit on the hump of the prawn and remove the thin wire kind of slimy substance. If this is not removed, it can cause harm to our stomach.
  3. Wash the prawn in water thoroughly.
  4. Clean tiger prawns are now ready for further process!
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