Introduction: Cleaning Day

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Cleaning is job to someone and hobby to someone . But cleaning is needed in everybody's life. Cleaning is need everyday. So, you must know the rules of cleaning. In this instructables, I will teach you cleaning with tips. Here I described 5 types of cleaning.

Step 1: Method 1

Cleaning floor is the method 1. You will need a floor cleaner mop with detergent.

Detergent is not required. Just sweep with water.

Step 2: Method 2

Glass or any screen cleaning.

If you clean glass use glass cleaner liquid. Sprays are the best.

If you clean tv or monitor's screen use soft cotton to clean. Glass cleaner liquid is required. If you have no glass cleaner then mix 1 spoon vineger with 10 spoon water.

Step 3: Method 3

To clean furniture, soft cotton is all.

Step 4: Method 4

Computer related elements!

To clean keyboard use cottonbud to clean the holes. Then, rotate it and clean the dust by pressing hardly. To clean mouse clean the optical light's hole by cottonbud.

Step 5: A Robot Is Best

If you can make a cleaner robot which iis remote controlled is better for swipping. In my next instructables I will try to describe that.

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