Cleaning Hacks




Introduction: Cleaning Hacks

Here I share some cleaning ideas and hacks that I use every day so that they can implement them in their day to day. I hope you find it useful

Step 1: Dirty Headphones?

with a dry toothbrush clean the speaker part.

Step 2: Shoes With Bad Smell?

If your shoes smell bad just put them a sack of tea

Step 3: The Union of the Tiles Is Dirty?

Put toothpaste in a brush and pass it over the joint of the tiles.

Step 4: Wet Brush?

With an elastic band, hook the brush on a handle upside down and let the brush drip.

Step 5: Dirty Cutting Board?

Cover the cutting board with lemon juice and salt over it, wait 15 minutes and wash.

Step 6: Old and Dirty Pan?

Cover the bottom of the pan with salt and pour the vinegar.

Step 7: Rusty Chain?

In a saucepan boil water, add an aluminum muffin and a tablespoon of baking soda. Wait 15 minutes and remove it.
as new!

Step 8: Dirty Brush?

In a plastic lid draw shapes with a silicone gun, let it dry.
When you have finished drying, add detergent and clean the brush on the lid.

Step 9: Comb Full of Hairs?

Do not worry this will not happen anymore! first remove the hairs from the comb, then put a dry wipe. The next time you fill the comb with hair remove the wipe.

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