Introduction: Cleaning MAF Sensor

Hello, I’m Jesse Jangula and am a full time student at Lake Area Technical Institute. Does your vehicle feel doggy or feel like it’s not running like it did before due to power loss? I might have a helpful hint today about your problem today. (Note: This might not be the reason for your issue as there are many reasons your vehicle may do this).

Step 1: Tools

8mm socket and ratchet, flat head screw driver, soft brush, MAF Cleaner

Step 2: Locate MAF Sensor

Using a manual or google you can look up what a MAF looks like and where it is. Locate the MAF and this is where we begin disassembly.

Step 3: Taking Apart Intake Tubing

Disconnect the connector to the MAF by pressing in the tab at the end of the connector. Using your 8mm socket and a ratchet (or a flat head screw driver whichever you prefer) loosen the hose clamps that hold the intake tubing on both sides of the MAF sensor. Pull the tubes off the ends of the MAF sensor and head over to a cleaning station.

Step 4:

Step 5: Clean MAF Sensor

Do a quick visual inspection of the sensor to make sure nothing is broken or about to be broken. Spray MAF cleaner at the wires that are in the housing and using a soft brush lightly brush the wires to get all the carbon build up to come off and spray more MAF cleaner on the wires to get the rest of the buildup off the wires.

Step 6: Reassembly

To reassemble reverse the process you did to take it off.

Step 7: Cautions

Make sure the MAF sensor is facing the right way by looking at the arrow imprinted on the MAF sensor itself. Please follow any other cautions dated by the manufacturer listed in the service manual you pulled up earlier.

Step 8: Test Drive

Take your vehicle for test drive to make sure it runs good and you didn’t break anything .Put away equipment after you clean your MAF sensor because you might have an issue then you have your tools still out that you used for the job.