Introduction: Cleaning Pool Filters

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Super easy and cheap way to clean your pool filters

Step 1: Step 1 Save Your Old Noodles From the Pool

I always hated to clean the pool filters because there such a pain in the butt. So I came up with easy cheap way to clean it with No money spent and it cleaned the filters in 1/3 of the time way better then the old fashion way.

So take an old or new Noodle and cut it to fit inside the filter. I found it's better to leave it a little longer at each end so it is easier to remove after.

Slide a pole through the noodle and hook the ends to something.

I used old milk crates because that's all I had at the time.

Then use the water to spray them out. A pressure sprayer would work the best.

Be even better if I knew how to add a motor to this as well.

I hope this helps you. take care and God Bless.