Introduction: Cleaning Robot (so Easy Not Joke)

My house is a mess and me and my nephew fooled around about how we don't like cleaning our houses and built this to do it for us.He hasn't seen so it will be a surprise and works better than anything I have tried #lazy

Step 1: Starting

You need some sort of base like I used Lego's but you can use anything I started with a specie of cardboard which is literary in the trash in my bedroom now but I is good if it has wheels and you can saran wrap than for waterproofing

Step 2: Power

You can use anything even a roomba but I used a remote control car and you might want to attach it but I did not because the strings and wires kept getting caught together but If your a tech person you can wire it I guess

Step 3: Cleaning

You add attach men's like a wet sponge start it up and watch it clean or a vacuum suction of some sort and this is serious a hallway in my home caked with over 14 years worth the dirt and dust is now sparkling and my kitchen floor is to and my tabletops you can use it anywhere and make specific attachment took me one day to make no help.