Introduction: Cleaning a French Press

French Pressed coffee is considered by many to be the crème de la crème of coffee; however, there is a lot to be said about easy clean up. With a classic drip brew, you just pitch the filter and all the grounds. In the French press, you a left with a mess of packed, wet, gritty grounds in the bottom of your press. Some resort to dumping the grounds down the garbage disposal or swilling water in the press and then dumping the mess into the toilet. Both options work, neither is great for your pumping. Here is a quick and easy way to clean the press to like-new condition ensuring that your 150th pot tastes as great as the first.

Step 1: Dispose of Grounds

1.A - Remove the lid and plunger (and don't worry about grounds on the side of the carafe)

1.B - Fill about half full with water

1.C - Dump contents into a wire mesh strainer (over the sink). The water will run clear and the grounds will be kept out of the sink. Again, don't worry about a few grounds on the side of the carafe. If there is still a lot of grounds, repeat 1.B and 1.C.

1.D Dump strained grounds into the compost or trash. Tap the strainer if needed to dislodge any remaining grounds.

Step 2: Clean the Carafe

2.A - Rinse the filter from above to knock off most of the grounds

2.B - Add warm soapy water to fill half the carafe

2.C - Use the plunger up and down a few times to clean the carafe. This helps get all of the oils out of carafe.

2.D - Rinse clear

Step 3: Clean the Filter

3.A - Remove the filter from the plunger - usually it just screws on near the base.

3.B - Now separate the filter parts and wash them wish soapy water.

3.C - Reassemble

Step 4: Reassemble Your Press

Go grind some beans, because you have a clean press ready to make a fresh pot of coffee!