Introduction: Cleaning a Gun

I have hunted pheasants and deer ever since I was in second grade and it became a passion for me. Hunting plays a very big part in my life and my families lives as well so I never miss an opportunity to go hunting. I am going to guess the people that don’t hunt very much don’t know how to clean their shotgun, but you will know how to after this presentation. I will be showing you a couple steps to cleaning your shotgun and those step include gathering cleaning materials, cleaning the barrel and gun itself. After this presentation, I am 100% positive all of you will be able to clean a shotgun.


Cleaning supplies, gun, and paper towels

Step 1: First Step

First, gather all your cleaning supplies and your gun that you would like to clean. You will need gun oil, paper towels or cleaning pads that would come with the cleaning kit, your gun of choice that you’re cleaning, and a cleaning rod for the barrel.

Step 2: Taking Gun Apart and Cleaning

Second, take the cap off the gun so you can take your barrel off. Once you have the barrel off, put some gun oil on the cleaning rod and put the rod into the barrel and bring it back through. You can repeat this process until you think it is clean enough. After cleaning the barrel, grab either paper towels or pads and put some gun oil on those and wipe off the barrel itself.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Third, once the barrel and the inside of the barrel is clean, put the gun back together and grab more paper towels and out gun oil on them. Wipe down entire gun with the paper towels until it is clean. Once the entire gun is cleaned and wiped down really good, you are officially done cleaning your gun.

Step 4: Video