Introduction: Cleaning a NSD Powerball.

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I have had a NSD Powerball  for a few years, and even though you try and keep it clean and dust free it still picks up dust and pocket lint etc and sooner or later don't sound so good and may even be difficult to start.

I started using the Powerball again recently, my shoulder and left arm has been playing up badly due to the extreme cold weather we had over the Christmas period.  The Powerball is great for low impact exercise but i found that it was a bit raspy and sounded funny and was difficult to keep going at low revs.

After searching online as how to go about cleaning the Powerball it turned out to be a simple job well worth doing.

The entire process takes about 5 minutes to do and requires only a fine Phillips head screwdriver some cotton buds and a very mild cleaner ( I used lens cleaner)

After cleaning your Powerball will run smoother and not sound so raspy.

I only posted this as no one else has done an Ible on this yet.

Thanks for looking.

Step 1: Taking It Apart.

Remove the rubber ring and the 2 screws.

Place the ball on a solid surface and give it a firm clonk with the heel of your hand and it should pop apart.

One the ball is open it on to the cleaning stage.

while the ball is open be very careful with it as some of the parts are quite delicate and if damaged the ball will end up worse.

Step 2: Cleaning.

I used a cotton bud and some lens cleaner to clean the runners and the shell.

the Powerball has a ptfe runner that does not require any lubricant.

Do not be temped to use any lube as it will wreck the Powerball

Step 3: Put It Back Together.

Once you are happy with your cleaning job it time to rebuild it.

Place the rotor into the shell and make sure the runners are well seated.

Align the 2 halves of the shell  and squeeze the ball until the 2 halves snap into place.

Replace the 2 screws and the rubber grip.

Job done, your Powerball should now run much smoother and also sound much less annoying.