Cleaning a Part

Introduction: Cleaning a Part

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At the Pier 9 Workshop, all cleaning of parts must take place on the metal cleaning station, or inside the power blaster.

There are three methods for cleaning your part.

  • Manual “picking”
    • Remove the large pieces of support material with various picks and scrapers.
    • Using too much force can easily damage thin pieces.
  • Soaking in a water bath
    • Soaking in water for up to a full day will swell the support material and make it easier to pick off.
    • The expansion of the support material sometimes pushes on thin areas causing them to break.
  • Power Blaster

Step 1: Using the Power Blaster

  1. Place the part inside the cabinet.
  2. Ensure that the small end of the water valve is pointed at the spray wand you wish to use. Hold the spray wand securely.
  3. Close the door and turn on the power.
  4. Use only clean hands or unsoiled gloves in the machine.
  5. Hold the hose, step on the foot pedal and blast away the support material.
  6. Clean up when done.
    • Empty the two drainage filters of any residual resin.
    • Leave the door open.
    • Leave the gloves inside out.

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