Introduction: Cleaning a Front Bike Hub

So today let's disassemble and clean a front wheel hub (i took it out so i could clean the front wheel rim, If anyone wants i can post how to disassemble clean and reassemble the wheel drop me a line)

Step 1: Materials

So you would need
1x front wheel hub 
2x adjustable wrenches
1x Tray
1x rag
1 screwdriver (or something like that)

Step 2: Opening the Hub

so fix the hub on one of the wrenches (or table vice) and unscrew the other side the nut get it and the washer out  and unscrew the other nut thingie and slowly remove the axle on top of your tray

Step 3: Remove Guard Things

with a screwdriver or something carefully take out those metal cage like things 

Step 4: Cleaning

Clean everything either use a rag cotton or whatever does the trick but make that thing shine (i use a rag on most places and put the bearings inside the rag and rub everything together till they are clean

Step 5: Lube

Add lube on the place where the balls will go and calmly ''glue'' balls in place

Step 6: And Close

add the guards back and reinsert the axle slowly and on the add the nut washer nut in it's correct order again be carefulll not to overtighten (the axle must move properly ;) )

Step 7: Finished

And there you go one cleaned and relubed front hub

Not hard at all 

(if there's anything you don't understand and/or need better explanations please tell me and i will try to do it )
Hope you like it