Introduction: Cleaning and Fixing Samsung CLP-360 Printer

This is my first 'able, so constructive comments are advised.

Don't you just hate it when there's whole bunch of horribly smeared color stripe on the print and changing the cartridge only seems to make your wallet go flat?

Well, don't worry! Here's the solution for that.

Prepare these items first:

  1. Lint-free cloth you don't mind ruining
  2. Damp cloth
  3. Flashlight or smartphone with flashlight app
  4. Newspaper or tarp to cover the working area

Step 1: Pull Out Cartridges and Photo Drum

Start by removing the cartridges by pulling the handle on the left and right side of the cartridge.

Then, remove the box marked with "YMCK" by pulling it towards to you.

Then, there's a handle on the bottom of the printer (with a barcode sticker). Pull it and wiggle it towards to you until it pops out (DO NOT LIFT UP! Only pull forward!!)

Now set the cartridges and photo drum somewhere safe and cat/dog/kid-free. It is ideal to turn down the light level a bit so the photosensitive coating is not degrading.

Toner might be harmful if ingested or inhaled. Photosensitive coating contains heavy metal. Do not let your children or your pets play with it.

If you happened to spill some of the toner, use damp cloth to wipe it off. Do not use hot water.

If your clothings are stained by the toner, use cold water and sticky tape to get rid of toner stain. NEVER USE HOT WATER. Do not tumble dry.

Step 2: Assessing the Problem

Grab your smartphone or a trusty torch (FLASHLIGHT. Not gas torch! If you use open flame inside the printer, it might damage it or cause explosion.)

Look into the glossy black plastic film inside the printer, just above the spot where the green cylinder was sitting on.

If it's dirty, take a DRY lint-free cloth (like a glasses towel) and wipe it softly until there's no leftover toner or dust left on the film.

DO NOT TOUCH THE SURFACE WITH YOUR FINGERS OR PRESS IT DOWN. It WILL damage the surface of the film and WILL cause irreversible loss of printing quality.

If it's not dirty, look at the green cylinder you just pulled out on the previous step. DO NOT SHINE BRIGHT LIGHT ONTO IT. It will shorten the lifespan of the photosensitive imaging drum.

If it's dirty, press on the sheared gear (white plastic) on the right side of the drum, careful not to touch the surface of the drum, and wipe the drum with lint-free cloth. Repeat the process to all sides after turning the gear towards to you.

Step 3: Running the Printer Blank

There's a reason for this step.

Because of the way this printer is designed, you cannot turn the transfer film manually. You have to wipe off all sides of the film, so you have to somehow make it spin.

Here's how:

1. Insert the photo drum back into the original position.

2. Insert the YMCK box back into the place.

3. DO NOT INSERT TONER CARTRIDGES YET. Close the front door and let the printer initialize for few seconds.

4. Just after the sound stops, open the door.

5. Remove two things you inserted earlier.

6. Wipe the photo drum and/or the transfer film.

Repeat as necessary.

Step 4: Testing the Unit

Insert all the things you pulled out back into the place.

Open up any blank Word document and feed the printer with some fresh paper.

Then press Print.

It should (hopefully) come out relatively clean.

If not, try it with some failed prints until it comes out unchanged.

If it doesn't solve anything, contact manufacturer.

Step 5: Optional - Refilling the Toner

Start by removing the 4-pin chip from the cartridge with screwdrivers and some cutters. Careful not to hurt yourself or damage the toner cartridge. It matches up with metal pins on the front door.

Drill a hole on the conveniently placed dimple on the cartridge. Make sure you go slow and not go THROUGH the cartridge, obviously.

Get the toner bottle of correct color and fill the cartridge by following the instructions came with your toner.

Get a clear tape and some stickers and seal the hole up. Make sure you have wiped the surrounding area.

Insert it back to the printer.