Cleaning the Printer

Introduction: Cleaning the Printer

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At the Pier 9 Workshop, a printer cleaning station is next to each printer. It’s stocked with water, alcohol, scrapers, microfiber cloths and gloves.

Steps for cleaning:

  1. Remove your part from the printer.
    • Take it to the Print Cleaning Station.
  2. Put on PPE: gloves and glasses.
  3. Clean the printer.
    • Clean the print tray
    • Clean the print head block.
  4. Clean the part.

Remove the part from the printer

Be careful with the scrapers; they are sharp enough to cut you. Only use a scraper to remove a part - never use a knife or X-acto blade.

  1. Use a scraper to remove the part from the printer bed.
  2. Use a scraper to remove the thin layer of material (the carpet) left on the bed.
  3. Temporarily drop off the part at the cleaning station.
    • You must clean the printer before cleaning the part.

Clean the print tray

Use a new, clean microfiber cloth.

  1. Spray water directly onto the cloth and not the machine.
    • The cloth should be damp, but not dripping.
    • Do not spray the printer bed or other components.
  2. Wipe the tray until it’s clean.
  3. Use an additional damp cloth if needed.

Run the Head Cleaning Wizard

Use the On-board Computer.

  1. Select Options > Wizards > Head Cleaning
  2. Follow the instructions to move the head into position.
  3. Ensure that the tray is empty and the door is closed.
    • The tray must be empty to avoid a head collision.
  4. The tray will lower and the print head will move to the center of the machine.
  5. The wizard will ask if the heads are clean.
    • The heads are not clean yet.
  6. Do not click yes.

Step 1: Clean the Print Head Block

  • You must wear nitrile gloves while cleaning with alcohol or handling uncured resin.
  • Only use new, clean microfiber cloths from the cleaning station.
  • The print head can be damaged by improper cleaning methods or cleaning supplies.
    • Carefully follow instructions to avoid damaging the equipment.
  • Position the mirror and light for a clear view of the cleaning process.

Clean the Print Head Block

  1. Fold a new, clean microfiber cloth into quarters.
  2. Moisten the cloth with alcohol from the cleaning tray.
  3. Wipe from the back to the front.
    • Use firm pressure.
    • See the red arrow in the illustration.
  4. Use a new section of the cloth for each wipe.

Note: If there is dried resin on the Print Head Block, see Shop Staff.

Clean the UV lights

  • Use a new, clean microfiber cloth, moistened with alcohol and wipe the lens clean.
    • If there is dried resin on the lens, see Shop Staff.

Clean the Roller Wheel

  1. Press a new, clean microfiber cloth, moistened with alcohol, against the roller.
  2. Roll the roller and slowly work the cloth forward.

Step 2: Final Printer Cleaning Steps


  1. Remove all items from inside the printer.
  2. Place the mirror and light back into the cabinet.
  3. Deposit all microfiber cloths into the regular waste trash after use.
  4. Close the doors and lid.
  5. Erase your name from the black In Use job card.

Prep the computer and printer for the next user

  1. Within the Head Cleaning Wizard click Yes, now that the heads are clean.
  2. Switch to Objet Studio on the Design Computer.
    • [scroll lock] [scroll lock] [enter]
  3. Click the status button, and wait for it to turn green.

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