Introduction: Clear BIC Pen Bow and Arrow is a bow and arrow made of a clear bic pen similar to the regular bic pen bow and arrow created by postapoc with a few moderations that could possibly make it better. (link to bow and arrow by postapoc at beginning) please comment :-)

Step 1: Materials

the materials are a bic ultra round stic grip pen, a rubber band and a knife.

Step 2: Pen

now take apart the bic pen

Step 3: The Hole

now using the knife make a hole in the pen ,big enough to fit the grip but now to big or else you will break the pen.

Step 4: Grip or Long Thing

put the pen grip into the hole that you just made. you can also use the long thing that was used in the other bow and arrow but the grip is better because it is shorter and wider. shortness is good because the ammo will get to the rubber band quickey therefore more power. wideness is good because you can use a lot different ammunitions. ( 2 pictures)

Step 5: Rubber Band

now cut 2 notches at the top and bottom of the pen to hold the rubber band in place. once you have cut these slide the rubber bands in place.

Step 6: Launch

put your ammo (the ink canister works very well) through the grip or long thing to the rubber band. then pull back the rubber band with the ammo to your desired power and let go.