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After the my cover broke off my Cruzer 512 MB USB drive, I decided to fashion my own case. I saw several ideas floating around on the internet such as cases made of Lego, pez dispensers, and and even a Barbie doll. I cast the USB stick in clear casting resin used to make paperweights out of scorpions or flowers. I picked it up at my local Hobby Store for about $15. It comes it two parts: the resin and the catalyst. If you're making a cast, test it out on some scrap bits and pieces to make sure your ratios are correct.
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Step 1: The Specimen

Very Stylish Duct tape case

Step 2: Open Case

Crck open / otherwise dismantle the case

Step 3: Molding Rig

This is a molding rig created with scrap pine wood and clamps. The pine was covered with clear packaging tape to prevent the resin from sticking to the wood.

Step 4: Resin

I obtained resin from my local hobby shop.

Step 5: Pour the Resin

The long part. The casting was done is several parts. Everything was done in about two days time.

Step 6: Done!

USB Stick in see-through glory.

Step 7: Lanyard

I drilled a small hole to fit the rope back on so I could still hang it on the lanyard that I got with it. A small bit of J-B Weld attached the rope back to the clip.

Step 8: Admire Your Work

This picture was taken after about a month of use. I don't think I got the ratio of catalyst to resin quite right. This caused the top surface to become mottled. Otherwise, there have been no problems as a result of the casting.

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