Introduction: Clear Wood BookCase

We just moved in our new apartment and were excited about the Garden we have. So I directly took the opportunity (with wife's permission ;) ) to set up a small workshop and build some of our own furniture.

This design was inspired by a book case I saw at a friends place, and it was fun to try to recreate it using basic material.

What I used

  • 6 x 2Mx30CM Fir wood boards (Sapin - or OAK would do the trick) Thought oak was too expensive / overkill
  • 6 x 2Mx3CM Black Alluminum Poles
  • 2 x 2Mx5mm metal rods
  • Basic Drill (with metal and wood drill bits / heads)
  • Saw or multipurpose cutting knife

Step 1: Making Holes

In order to make sure the book case will stand, I had to create a triangular base on each side,

Instead of using screws to tighten the shelves to the Aluminum poles, I decided to let the poles pass thru the shelves.

First I drew 3 equilateral triangles 40 CM away from the edge of the shelf on each side.

Drill the 6 holes. Then using the first shelf as main model, trace and cut thru the 5 other shelves.

Make sure that the cuts are at 90 degrees otherwise balance will be an issue.

TIP: I made the book case 10cm off the ground so the wood wouldn't get humidity when the cleaning lady washes the floors.

Step 2: Prepping the Poles

My desire was to have 33Cm height for the shelves to make sure it fit our art books and whiskey or wine bottes.

In order to make the shelves seprators, I drilled the 6 poles at

  • 10 CM
  • 45 CM
  • 80 CM
  • 125 CM
  • 150 CM
  • 185 CM (I wanted the last shelf to be slightly bigger )

Very important to drill at 90 degrees angle and make sure you are drilling the same side of the pole. Without proper clamps, they tend to slide a lot.

That was troublesome but then it worked out. I had to roughen up the poles (only where I wanted to drill) with the multipurpose knife- or you can use a metal saw.

Step 3: Building It Up!

Once all the holes are made, I started mounting up the shelves on the poles and making sure to lock each shelf with the rods that I cut to the correct measurements.

In order to protect our wooden floor, I used rubber caps for the aluminum poles.

And that was the last step.

TIP: If you have kids, I would recommend attaching such furniture to the wall. since the center of gravity is high, there is a risk of disequilibrium. (our daughter keeps on trying to climb the darn thing! ;P)