Introduction: Clear a Clogged Drain With SCIENCE!!!

Hey guys, howzit?
If you are, or know someone who is, a person with excessive facial hair, this one's for you.
So I trimmed my beard recently, and, like an idiot, neglected to clear the larger masses of hair before rinsing out the sink over which I do my trimming.
I thought, naively, that the hair would simply be flushed down as so many of its predecessors had been.
I was wrong. What I ended up with was a sink that wouldn't drain as a result of my foolishness.
Apparently, I have such remarkably strong and healthy hair, that the attempts of tweezers and even Dran-O were insufficient to reopen the clogged waterway.
Then I happened upon an idea, fresh from the third grade science fair.
Vinegar and Baking soda.

(PS: these photos were taken after the fact, so imagine if you will, a snarling mass of hair and myself in shimmering armor standing ready to do battle with it.)
(PPS: or just imagine a clogged sink and a slightly de-bearded guy...)

Step 1: GET!

  • Vinegar.
  • Baking Soda. SODA. Not POWDER. SODA.
  • Spoon!
  • A clogged sink. Mine was clogged with my own beard trimmings, but I leave you to your own devices for that one.

Step 2: OBEY!

Take a spoonful (or two) of baking SODA, and put it in your sink.
Since my drain was clear of hair at the picture taking time, I had to give it a couple of spoonfuls for dramatic effect.

Step 3: SUBMIT!

Pour some vinegar into the drain. I stopped when I heard fizzing, because I didn't want to wash all the SODA down the drain.

Step 4: Turn Your Head and COUGH!

What happens is a lot of fun, as well as useful.
The baking SODA and vinegar combine, creating a mass of foaming death that violently surges upwards in an attempt to break free of its sink-y tomb.
It also fizzes fairly quickly, hopefully bringing any light debris (read: beard hair) up with it, where it can be safely (but no less disgustingly) grabbed and disposed of properly.


Last, put he Baking SODA in your refrigerator; it keeps food fresh and hairless (always a good thing...)

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