Introduction: ClearCrawler PolyCarbonate Strandbeest Walker

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After several tries (listed below) I've build a Strandbeest walker that moves about pretty well that I call the "ClearCrawler." This won't really outline how to make one (would be a very long article), but wanted to show it off and perhaps it will provide inspiration. One thing to note here is that a lot of these joints will require thrust bearings, which add up $$-wise. Be sure to shop around if you try something like this!

Step 1: Video

Note that I'm using an Arduino Nano onboard, and an Uno with a joystick shield as the remote controller. nRF24L01+ modules allow for communication between the two.

Step 2: More Images

Most of devuce was cut out on a CNC router, though had to do some work on a lathe to produce the axles. Note pretty messy wiring. I do really like these lever nuts though her on Amazon if you like (affiliate link), so easy to use with a variety of gauges!

Planning to do a few more videos about how I actually built it, so I may update this post when those are available!