Introduction: ClearShot - Credit Card Sized IPhone/Smart Phone Tripod

About: The ClearShot was designed in Seattle, Washington by Mike Carney. In addition to his work with ClearShot, Mike also works at Boeing Airplanes as a systems engineer. With a strong passion for problem solving an…

I just wanted to add that if we win the grand prize for this contest, we would gladly change the name to either the "Jack Stand" or the "Whiskey Shot". Because in my family, we don't say "Cheese" we say "WHISKEYYYYYYYYY!!!" :D Salud!
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The ClearShot aims to give you more creative potential than ever by giving you a steady and adjustable mount for your iPhone or smart phone, and the ability to star in your own shots, where until now, creativity extends only as far as you can reach. There is nothing new about tripods and photo timers. But for a tripod to stand a chance in the mobile phone market, a new bar must be set for portability.

At about the size of a credit card, the ClearShot is the most minimal option when no other equipment is available. Even with an adapter to attach your phone to a tripod, most people will never carry or use a tripod with their phone. The bottom line is with a credit card sized tripod, you won't need to carry anything extra. Your ClearShot is right at home next to your bank card and ID, and is always ready to help you get the money shot. The ClearShot allows angles between 45 and 90 degrees (vertical), and is great for photography, video, time lapse, FaceTime or Skype, watching videos on an airplane, or any other time its useful to have your hands free.

If we win this contest, the $25K will be used to fund manufacturing in the best country in the world - THE USA! We are ready and in a turn key position to hit the GO button with an injection mold company in the Seattle area. With the enormous success of smart phones, and their ubiquitous use as cameras, we expect this one-of-a-kind product to be a major success. . I dream of independence from my job as an engineer at Boeing, and to continue designing cool, creative and useful products for the world. The ClearShot is only the first of many to come.

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