Introduction: Clever Trash Can Tricks

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Is it hard to remove the bag from your waste bin? Do you wish there was a solution to can odor? In this instructable, we examine some common trash can problems and their solutions.

Step 1: Hard to Remove Trash Liners?

If you are finding it difficult to remove trash liners from your can, chances are it's because there is no ventilation in your can. By drilling a singular hole into the bottom of your can, you can properly ventilated your can, making removing liners easier. In essence, you are depleting any chance of a vacuum or suction effect.

Step 2: Think You're Paying Too Much for Can Liners?

As per our janitorial specialist, if your liner overhangs 6 inches or more over your can, you are paying for the wrong can liner or too much for the liner you are using. In order to stay on a can sufficiently, a liner needs no more than 6 inches.

Step 3: Think Your Trash Is Smelly?

While it's a universal good practice to seal any smelly items into an additional bag before depositing it into your trash can, if you can't manage that, a quick fix is baking soda. Just keep some near your can and sprinkle some in once a day to neutralize odors.

Step 4: Tired of Losing Your Can Liners?

If you're the type of person that can place something in a "safe place" then forget where you put it, this is the tip for you. Buy cordless trash can liners and just deposit them into the bottom of the can. It's what most commercial sites (think airports, restaurants etc.) do to save time instead of looking for the liners buried in the supply closet.