Introduction: Cliff Hanger

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The simplicity of this project must not be misunderstood. The main idea is to involve your children in the toy making process. To have them make something, such a toy creates intrinsic value in the creation. I am an art teacher in a public school and I started making the first "Cliff" during a study hall. I had several 6th graders students in the room who wanted me to make them one, and one other student who made one along with was one of the best study halls. Get your kids making things and engage their minds!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You may need the following....

paper clips,

hot glue gun,

4 small neodymium magnets,

wire nippers,

needle nose piers,

and possibly a coat hanger to hang the "Cliff Hangers"

Step 2: Make Cliff

Straighten 3 paper clips for each "Cliff Hanger."

Draw a stick guy to use as a pattern if you want your "Cliffs Hanger" to be about the same size.

Follow the bending idea I used for the clips...or make up your own.

To make the head, bend a clip around a thick marker.

Step 3: Give "Cliff" Some Muscle

Place "Cliff Hanger" on a surface that will allow you to peel the hot glue off when it is cool.

Add the hot glue over his paperclip skeleton.

Fill in as much or as little as you want.

Peel him up and do the back trying to cover all of the paperclip skeleton.

The reason to use a paperclip is so you can bend and change the "Cliff Hanger"

Step 4: Make 4 Clones of "Cliff"

Make 4 clones of "Cliff Hanger."

The reason for four is to be able to have a two player game.

Add color with permanent markers. Make two the same color to designate a team.

Note: The "Cliff Hanger" on the intro was painted with spray paint and the eyes and emblem in the chest was done with colored paper and covered with another layer of hot glue. You can choose how far to go with the creation of yours.

Hot glue a neodymium magnet to the raised hand and foot of one team. Do the same to the other. Be sure to place the magnets so that they attract one another...(north poles to south poles.)

You or your Kids can get really creative in the design of the "Cliff Hangers" Add capes, faces, hats, etc with the hot glue. Have fun!

Step 5: Invent Your Game(s)!

Game 1, "Cliff Hanger" The Ultimate Game

Bend the arm of the "Cliff Hanger" that has a magnet attached to the foot.

Hang "Cliff Hanger" off of a coat hanger or string. Throw the other "Cliff Hanger" with the magnet on the hand. The first one to connect the two "Cliff Hangers" wins.

Game 2, "Cliff Hanger" the Dart

Make a target for the refrigerator and throw "Cliff Hangers" at the target. Add up your points. The highest score wins.

Game 3, "Cliff Hanger" Horse Shoes

Use two tin cans spaced apart, throw "Cliff Hanger" at the can. if you stick to the outside (1 point) if you get inside (2 points)

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