Introduction: Climbing Plant Structure

I'm on holidays and I should be cleaning and tiding up my home, but instead of that, I'm talking to my plants (3 to be exact!). They asked me a climbing structure to motivate them to grow up. Their wishes are my orders!

Step 1: Make an Scalable Design

In last 3 months my plants didn't grow up so much (as you could see) but I have a hope... I have the hope that after assembly the climber my plants will climb proudly. So... make sure your design can be scalable. In my case you can rise much more levels adding a connector inside the vertical structure. It can be united one plants with others using an horizontal sticks.

Step 2: Use Your 3D Printer

On the last step I left you the models in .STL format just in case you want to print it of take ideas. Put the models in your printer and go to sleep. It takes hours!!

Step 3: Assembly

Assembly the climber as your plant might need.

Let's see if it works! I will update this post in 3 months showing you the results, hope it works! ;)

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