Introduction: Climbing Wall With Luminous Holds

My idea is to make a prototype for a climbing wall with luminous holds.

Most climbing walls show the routes with climbing holds with different color. This wall will show the routes by illuminating the climbing holds. This way it is easier to change the routes.

My first idea was to put a led light in the climbing holds, but because the material that is used to 3D print is not transparent that won't work. The next idea is to put a perspex plate behind the climbing holds that is lit by the light of the LEDs.

materials needed:

- wooden plate 200mm x 200mm x 15mm

- climbing hold(3D printed)

- perspex(laser cut)

- ledstrip

- bolt m10 length:70mm

- bolt m2 with sunken head

- 5 screws not longer then 15mm

Tools needed:

- 3D printer

- laser cutter

- Drill

- File

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Step 1: Modeling/sketch

First i made a 3D model draft in Autodesk Inventor. The climbing hold I downloaded from thingiverse.

climbing hold:

Step 2: 3D Printing Climbing Hold

Download climbing hold:

While 3D printing the hold the material came loose from the printing platform. because of that the underside is not flat, that's why I left the raft on the hold.

Step 3: Laser Cutting Light Circle

I used 2 mm thick perspex so the total thickness is 8 mm. If you have a piece of plexiglass with a thickness of 8mm you should use that instead. you can also make is thicker so it will be easier to put the LEDstrip in.

I glued the plates together with hard plastic glue.

I beveled the side of the circle so the light will be better visible from the front.

Step 4: Drilling the Holes and Attaching a Stand

10mm holes for the bolt which attach the hold and plaxiglass to the wood plate. A second hole for the wiring.

I used a metal plate as stand which is attach to the wooden plate with a hinge and a chain to keep it at the right angle.

Step 5: The LEDstrip

Only use the first 10cm of the led strip. This is rolled into the center hole.

Step 6: Final Step

Attach the climbing hold and plexiglass circle to the wood with a 10 mm thick bolt.