Climbing Rope Based Porch Clothes Dryer

Introduction: Climbing Rope Based Porch Clothes Dryer

My wife used to climb, but no more! So she let me cut up her old climbing rope to make stuff with.
Here's a climbing rope based clothes hanger, made by tying two vertical rope at slight angles on either side of the porch, and then running clothesline between them. It makes for 3 tiers of stadium style clothesline. And the knots can be pushed up, when done drying, or brought down (it's a sliding knot that holds tension when there's weight on the line.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I believe it is a rolling hitch:

    Basically, you can grab it by the base and slide it up or down to reposition, as long as there aren't clothes on the line / tension pulling the clotheslines sideways. But it's snug enough so that when there is tension on the clothesline, it won't pull the knot downward, and pull the clothes down towards the ground.

    It's a bit of a pain to slide this not up and down the climbing rope. I mention this because there may be a better knot than the one I chose. If you figure one out let me know and I'll test it!