Introduction: Clinometer

Greetings blakes & blokes (ladies & gentlemen) ,  this is an instructable on how to build a clinometer, which is a tool to measure angles.

Supplies :

- Tape
- 16 inches of string
- Protractor
- Straw
- Anything for a weight ( I used a binder clip )

Step 1: Attach the String

Take the protractor and the 16 inch of string. Put the string through the hole at the bottom, attach it using tape.

Step 2: Attach Weight

After you attach the string to the protractor, you tie a weight to the end of the string. Double tying it will keep it from coming loose.

Step 3: Attach Straw

Last but not least, you take the straw and tape it to the bottom. Remember to subtract the number you get by 90.

My next instructable will include on how to use a clinometer

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like someone's cloned this exactly at Did you somehow create two copies under different usernames?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No, this was a school project, so that person is my classmate we have similar work.