Introduction: Clip on Altoids Can

All you will need for this is a screwdriver, a pointed screw, a hammer, a tape measure, and an altoids can.

Step 1: Remove Clip

Unscrew clip from back of tape measure

Step 2: Make Screw Hole

You can use a drill if you have one I don't so I used a pointed screw and tapped it with a hammer on the back of the tin can until it made a hole

Step 3: Attach Clip

Using the screw that came with the clip and using the screw driver screw the small screw thru the tiny hole you just made and slip on the clip before tightening all the way

Step 4: You're Done!!

Paint if you like and to keep the screw in place better put a nut on the inside, I don't have one so mine is a little loose and if you wanna get really nice sauder around it on the inside and grind the rest down for more room to pack in your survival can

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