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Introduction: Clippy Bobble

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At dinner one night the conversation drifted to Microsoft Office Assistance, Clippy. When my eldest daughter, a teenager, said she loved him. I was surprised, but confessed I miss him. My wife said she strongly disliked him. My daughter also said she would love to have him. Later on I thought about it and said sure I can make him.

Before we start making a Clippy Bobble, during my research, I learned that there is plenty of material describing the love / hate relation with him. He was cute, annoying, educated, frustrating with little social skills what so ever. He was introduced in Office 97 refined in Office 2000. Retired 2 years later and was left behind after Office 2003. During his tenure he did help a lot of users, comics and columnist. Everyone had something to say, but mostly he was bearing the brunt, a seemingly innocent program always ready to help but not able to stop asking questions. Like a young child who sees the world and wants to interact with it.

Ode to Clippy
Hi! I am Clippy. I am here to assist you.
Let me answer your questions.
Tell me what I can do.
I have answers by the tons.

Let me be your hero.
I do not have a superpower.
So I will stay in tow.
See me I am a flower.

Are you trying to write a letter?
Is it personal or business?
I can make it better.
Or would you like to reminisce?

Now what would you like?
Are you are all done?
Look at me I am a bike.
Do you want to have some fun?

Without further ado let’s make your Clippy Bobble.

Next Materials & Tools

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1) Large Paper Clip,
2) 2 Medium Googly Eyes,
3) 2 inch or Longer Extension Spring and
4) Marble Base.

1) Needle Nose Pliers,
2) Hot Glue Gun and
3) Black Marker.

Skill Level:

Warning: Be careful using a Hot Glue Gun!

Time to Complete:
20 min.

Now that you have your materials and tools, let’s go make your Clippy Bobble.

Next Clippy Head

Step 2: Clippy Head

1) Trim and bend the Paper Clip with the Needle Nose Pliers,
2) Glue the Googly Eyes to the Paper Clip leave extra for the Eyebrows and
3) Shape and Color the Eyebrows.

Next The Body

Step 3: The Body

1) Wrap the Tension Spring around Clippy,
2) Glue Clippy to the Tension Spring,
3) Trim the Tension Spring around Clippy's mouth,
4) Glue the Tension Spring to the Marble Base.
Now you are done.

Next Observations & Summary

Step 4: Observations & Summary

Hero or Villain you decide. He was somewhat socially inept, but always eager to help. Was Clippy a precocious disseminator just a head of his time? Like the Ask Jeeves, Google or Siri without CGI of today. Sometime in the not so far future you will be interacting with an AI with a personality. You can look back and say that you used the archetype of the 21 century AI.

I have had fun with my Clippy Bobble since its creation. Enjoy yours.

I am satisfied.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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    6 years ago

    Haha, this is so cute. Is Clippy a hero or a villian? :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you for reviewing and commenting.  I agree he is cute, I like to give him a flick and watch him stand straight up again.  Sort of like a Weeble.  Clippy takes a flick showing he is rhymatic.
    I think Clippy is a hero.  What do you think? ͼ(*ȯ*)ͽ