Introduction: Clock Book

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To make this book clock I used:

An old book from Op-shop - cost $ 1.00 Hard cover is better cause it helps the book to stand up right.

Clock workings: Bought this from EBay, cost $ 4.00. Came from China so took few weeks to be delivered.


Metallic marker pen:




Sticky Tape:

Stick on numbers: ( because I cant write straight ! )

Step 1: Front of the Book

Using the ruler, find the center of the cover of the book so you can make a hole for the front of the clock workings to come through from the inside of the cover.

I used a kitchen knife to pierce a hole into the book.

You will need to place the back part of the workings ( the square part ) on the inside of the cover, poking through the long steel part to the front. Place the washer and bolt onto the steel rod to press hard against the cover of the book. This will cover up any bits that may be loose from making the hole.

Carefullyplace the hands of the clock onto the rod, shortest to longest. Each hand has to sit onto a separate part of the white plastic. The longest hand pushes into the end of the rod.

Step 2: Inside of the Book- Cutting the Pages

Inside the book, you will need to cut holes into the pages to fit the back of the clock workings.

Further into the book you cut, the hole will have to be moved over a little to compensate for the shape of the book.

To make a start, I used the Metallic Marker to outline the back of the workings, and then close the book. This will leave a faint outline on the first page so you know where to cut.

I used the kitchen knife to cut along the outline, you could use a Stanley Knife to do this, I just didn't have one.

The cut should cut a few pages at once, pull out the cut parts. Repeat this until you have cut out enough to fit the working . ( I found I had to put some sticky tape down along the edges of the working to hold down the pages a couple of times through this process)..

Then just add on some stick on numbers to the front, or if you are not like me with shaky hands, you could draw them on :)