Introduction: Clock and Weather Station

Pretty simple design here. It's a clock that is set and keeps track of the time and date. A button that displays current humidity and temperature.

Step 1: Connection for the LCD

This is the order of connection for the LCD screen

GND - Connects the the ground rail

VSS/VCC - Ground rail

VDD - Hot rail

Vo - potentiometer

RS - 7 port

RW - GND port on the breadboard.

E - 8 port

D4 - 9 port.

D5 - 10 port

D6 - 11 port

D7 - 12 port

A (anode) - Will go to the hot rail on the breadboard

K (cathode) - Will go to the ground rail on the breadboard

Step 2: Potentiometer and DS3231

The DS3231 is used to help keep time, similar to how a bios battery works.

VCC - Hot rail

GND - You guessed it, ground rail

SDA -> SDA port

SCL -> SCL port

Top pin goes to the LCD screen to control the contrast

Left pin is the hot rail

Right pin is the ground rail

Step 3: Final Build Step: Sensor and Button


The button is connect to port 2 so we can attach an interrupt *very important*

left pin is going to the hot rail

right pin is connected to the ground VIA a 220 ohm resistor

Temp and humidity sensor

Right most pin goes to the ground rail

Middle pin goes to the hot rail

Left pin goes to port 3

Once set up just run the attached code! The button changes the screen from time display to local temp and humidity.