Introduction: Clone Any Remote Control With Arduino Nano

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Clone any Remote control with Arduino Nano

Step 1: IR Receiver Circuit


  • Arduino Nano
  • IR Receiver

  • Battery

Connect IR Receiver to pin 11 in Arduino nano

Step 2: IR Receiver Coding

If you didn't found this code in the library , i will upload it here ,

Upload this this code to Arduino Nano , Open serial monitor , press any key in your remote control ,

A code will appear for you, just copy this part of it and keep it

(( unsigned int raw[68] = {9050,4500,600,550,550,550,550,1700,550,600,550,550,600,550,550,600,550,550,550,600,550,1700,550,550,600,1650,600,1650,600,1650,600,550,550,1700,550,600,550,550,550,1700,550,1700,550,1700,600,550,550,550,600,550,550,1700,550,1700,550,600,550,550,600,550,550,1700,550,1700,550,1700,550,};

irsend.sendRaw(raw,68,38); ))

Repeat this step for every button on the remote control until you are sure that you have kept all the code of the buttons you want to copy.

Step 3: IR Rransmitter Circuit Schematic

Make sure to connect IR Transmitter to pin 3 ( PWM ) ,


  • Arduino Nano
  • IR Transmitter
  • Battery
  • Push button
  • Resistors ( 2K for push button - 100Ohm for IR transmitter

Step 4: IR Transmitter Coding

Copy all the codes that you had copied it and put it in here ,

Evey time you will press any key it will send the code to your Tv ... etc

Step 5: Create PCB

Check the connections more than once before connecting the battery or power source ,

I prefer to make a high-quality circuit. I do not prefer the method that I used, but this is what is available to me at the moment .