Introduction: Closed Book/Magazine/Newspaper Holder

Earlier I made the type of book/newspaper/magazine holder as shown in the first photo. The problem with this is it almost falls apart from the vertical open side. One can tie the flanks with a spring or a used shoelace.

Step 1: The Previous Version

This time I have attempted the box type holder.

You need...

1. a used plastic edible oil can or milk can (pic # 2,3,&4)

2. a large paper cutter (1st pic)

3. a sketch pen or a marker, and

4. waste paper or piece of clothe for cleaning out left over oil/milk

Step 2: Marking

Take a sketch pen or marker and draw straight lines around top of the can where the curves end. Simple.

Step 3: Cut It Open

Carefully cut the upper part of the can from the drawn lines. It will look like in the pic here.

Step 4: Clean It Up. It's Ready

Clean the can from inside with a waste paper first and then wash it. Wipe the inside with a dry clothe and let it dry in the open air.

The rack is ready.