Introduction: Closet Makeover

This is my first post and I'm not very sure whether or not I'm 'instructing' well. But here it goes:

So we had this 25 years old closet at our home which actually looked even older than that. I decided to give it a little makeover and make it interesting. It turned out to be so fine that it's now my favourite thing in the room and the cutest for sure.

Here's what you'll need:
•Oil paints (of the colours you'd like to use on the closet)
•Old gloves (to keep your hands clean)
•One or two flat paint brushes (big enough to get into the oil paint cans)

Step 1: Decide a Base Colour and Paint It

Spread newspapers on the floor in order to avoid the floor getting dirty.

Decide a base colour for your closet. I chose white because it complemented the curtains in my room. Firstly, dust your closet a little. Then paint it wholly with the colour you decided as your base colour.

Step 2: Paint the Design You Want to

If you don't have a design in mind, you can google for designs or choose to paint a cute cartoon or something like I did. Google a simple fictional character (or anything related to it or just anything you think you can easily paint) of your choice (it can be anything from Mickey Mouse to Batman's logo). I chose a Cyanide and Happiness character.

Firstly, look at the google image you chose and draw it on the closet with a pencil. Once you're satisfied with your drawing, outline the same with a different colour than the base one. (If your base colour is a light shade, go for darker shade to outline your design; if it's a dark shade then vice versa)

Step 3: Be Creative With Your Limitations and Complete Your Design

Don't let your limitations become a hurdle. Be creative.

Here, I painted over the keyhole and it's now one of the eyes of my Cyanide and Happiness character. Also, I turned the handle of the closet into the character's cap. I love it when I move the handle and it seems like the cap is moving.

Complete your design by making it look more colourful and eye-catching.

Step 4: Cover the Rest of the Area With Letters or Words

With the same colour that you chose to outline your design with, take a smaller paint brush and write letters or words on all the blank parts of the closet. You can write your favourite lines, quotes, poem, words, etc or simply the words related to the character you've drawn. For example if you've made the Batman symbol, you can write the best dialogues of the movie, the name of the characters or just anything.

I wrote the names of some of my favourite fictional characters and every word that I could think of at the moment. The words have nothing to do with the cartoon I drew, but the closet turned out to be really amazing.

Step 5: Paint the Sides of the Closet

Paint the sides of the closet. I painted it blue because it complemented my stick figure's shirt.

Clean up the mess and fall in love with your brand new closet.❤