Introduction: Closet/shelves/divider Thingy

A solution for people with lots of kids and one room, make a sturdy divider that acts as their dressers/closet at the same time.

Step 1: Go Buy Some Wood and Have It Cut

You will need to buy 6 240x124 boards for this project.
Have them ripped down the center which will give you 12 planks of wood.
Now take five (5) of those planks and cut about 40 cm of the end, for five (5) 200 cm planks.
These five planks will be your vertical boards.
You will use 6 of the remaining 7 for the horizontal planks.
remember to save the 40cm pieces you chopped off the top, we'll use these later for accessory pieces

Step 2: Get Your Groove On

The next step will be to take 3 of the 200cm boards (the ones you'll use vertically) and align them, determine where you shelves will be, then cut in the boards by about half the width (30cm). The remaining 2 boards will be your end boards.

If my case I staggered my shelves up from the bottom at 20cm, for three bottom shelves, then down 20cm from the top for one top shelf.

the space in between (the remaining 120cm) is the closet space.

Step 3: Some Assembly Required

Now the assembly on this does not need to be exact, but the closer the better.
Eyeballing it is OK.

Lay 2 of the 240 horizontal pieces out , and place two of the 200 cm pieces at either end to form a box. make sure the the vertical pieces rest inside the horizontal (so that when you lift this thing up, all that will touch the ground is the bottom piece.)

Decide whether you want to simply nail this together or use screws. I used screws in case i ever have to move this giant thng and want to put it back together easily.

Then stagger the three pieces that you cut the grooves (or notches or whatever) out of through out the box at 60, 120, and 180 cm for 4 closet/shelf combos.
Fasten with nails or screws.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now what I did in the end was stagger this thing in the middle of my kids room, giving each their own side, I then use really thin hard board to block off three compartments on one side and then one on the other, and I used a copper wall fasterner bolt to bolt it t the wall and make it extra sturdy

Step 5: A Room With a View

Here is a picture of the finished product, along with two pics of the hanger bar and the mount for it.
I made all of this stuff out of the wood I mentioned earlier, the bars for the hangers are actually left over mattress supports from a bed frame. I cut them to size and slide them in place.
Screws were used with the whole project so that it can be un-assemlbed and moved.
I used a screw bolt to fasten it to the wall, so now my young'uns have privacy, the room split down the middle.