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My partner and I discovered early on with our son that it is good to always have fresh diapers on hand and easily accessibly. We wanted to keep our son's cloth diapers out so they would be easy to grab while holding a wiggly baby, but after doing a load of laundry there's too many of them to be able to just stack them on a shelf or dresser. Odds are your cloth diapers are so cute you wouldn't want them hiding in a drawer even if it wasn't a pain to have to fish them out when your baby needs a change.

Our solution was to make a simple diaper organizer that fits perfectly on top of an Ikea RAST dresser. It's a great way to keep the diapers tidy and ready to go.

We used the laser cutter at our awesome local makerspace to cut the plywood to make the diaper sorter.

Step 1: Materials & Design

To make this diaper sorter, all you need is:

  • ¼" birch plywood
  • wood glue
  • clamps
  • access to a laser cutter
  • design file

We designed a simple open topped box with dividers in SketchUp and then transferred the design to CorelDRAW in order to cut it out with a laser cutter. The dimensions of the bottom of the box were set to sit nicely on the top of our RAST dresser. The dimensions of the divided sections were set to accommodate our son's bumgenius freetime diapers.

If you're curious about why we chose those diapers for our baby, I've written a whole blog post about trying different diapers and choosing our favourites on my blog.

Step 2: Laser Cutting

Lasers are awesome!

We used the Epilog laser cutter at YuKonstruct to cut out all the pieces.

Step 3: Assembling All the Pieces

The pieces are all designed with little notches so they can be easily fit together.

Use wood glue along all the seams and hold the box together with clamps while the glue dries.

Once the glue is dry you can remove the clamps and start sorting your diapers.

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