Introduction: Cloth Dog Toy

Need a simple and cheap dog toy to make for your new puppy? Look no further because here it is!

Step 1: Cut Out

Get a piece of cloth that is big enough to fold over itself and still be the correct size for the thing you want to make.

While it is flipped over itself cut out the design you want, make sure to put extra room for the you to sew.

Step 2: Sewing

Put the two pieces of cloth together to where they correlate with each other. Make sure to have it to where the inside of the stuffed animal is facing out of both sides.

Start sewing along the edge of the whole piece of fabric making sure to go through pieces of fabric. While doing it try to keep at least 3 cm of fabric extra when doing the stitch.

DO NOT do up the whole stuffed animal. Leave a small section undone so you can stuff it later.

I do not know the name of the stich used but just poke the needle through then go a centimeter and poke it back through. Repeat.

Step 3: Flip It

Once it is sewed up with a small hole a little bigger then you thumb flip the whole thing inside out so the desired design is facing outward.

Step 4: Stuff

Stuff your bone with the desired amount of fluff as long as you are still able to close the hole in the stich if you pinch it.

NOTE, do not make you hole this big. jus make it big enough that you can stuff the bone.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Sew the hole closed by pinching the two sides together and sewing it up. When pinching it try to tuck at least 2 centimeters of the fabric into the bone to avoid frayed ends.

Then let you dog enjoy!