Introduction: Cloth Key Holder From Recycled Cloth

So this is my first instructable, and I made a key holder for my house keys with a pocket for my front gate remote controller . I do not have a sewing machine so everything I do here is by hand. If you have a machine it will probably be better :)

Step 1: Jeans Cut Offs (but You Can Use Any Cloth You Like)

I'm using a cut off from the end of my jeans that was too long for me. Using each end, cut in two then put them together like in the second picture. Sew the cut edge so that the hemmed edge of the jeans are on opposite ends like in the third picture.

Step 2: Lining

To make the inner lining, take a piece of cloth of your choice for lining and cut to the same size as your jeans piece. pin them outer sides in, and sew the sides together, but leave a small section at the of the side unsewed (This will be the top of your key holder). From the section, turn the material inside out. Now, you have a square piece with each side made of different materials. Now make another square like the first one so that you have two! Sew shut the unsewed edges.

Step 3: Sew the Square Together

With the two squares, pin them together with the jeans side facing each other. Sew the sides and the "top section" up to where the unsewed edges were. Leave that open so that you have a small hole at the top for your key chain to go through. Then, flip it inside out so that you now have the jeans on the outside. If you like, you can sew a little pocket at the front using the same cloth for the lining as shown in the second and third picture here. A faster way if you don't want to sew the pocket is to just use hemming tap and iron the pocket.

Step 4: Done! Put Key Chain and Keys

Finish! Now you can put a ribbon or a chain through the hole at the top so that you can string some keys from the bottom. something large like a metal ring or bead at the top so that the chain will stay in place and not drop through the hole.

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