Clothes Hanger Hack

Introduction: Clothes Hanger Hack

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Hack your Clothes Hanger to make a Hanger Rack to minimize the dead space in your area

with these simple trick!.

Now let's do this!

Step 1: Materials:

The materials needed are the following:

Wire Hanger

Pliers and

wires (depending how long is your ceiling)

Step 2: How To:

How to do this is very simple,

first, cut the connection between the hanger and the hanger hook,

second, bend the sides like shown above.

third, make a hook on each sides to hang on to something.

fourth, get a wire and twist it as shown above.

and now your done!

Step 3: Hanger, Hanger Rack

Now you can hang any clothes hanger to minimize your dead space

and maximize your living space!.

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