Introduction: Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

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I was thinking about making a clothespin sunflower wreath for some time and finally get an idea of how it should look.


Wooden Clothespins

Metal Wire Wreath Frame 16"

Hot Glue Gun - optional

Rit Dye - I used Black Azabache and Golden Yellow Amarillo Dorado

Word Correction Fluid

Faux Flowers - Sunflowers and Daisies

Plastic Bowls - I used from ice-cream

Step 1: Prepare Clothespins

First, prepare the plastic containers and the clothespins. You have to count approximately how many clothespins you will need of each color depending on the size of the wire frame you will use.

Step 2: Make the Mixture

Pour 1 liter of water in each container and add 150-180 ml of dye.

Step 3: Dye Clothespins

Put half of the clothespins in the yellow dye and the other half in the black dye. Let them soak for 24 hrs.

Step 4: Dry Off Clothespins

Let the clothespins dry off on a cardboard for several hours.

Step 5: Make Polka Dots

Using liquid word corrector start making polka dots on each clothespin follow the pattern showed on the photos.

Step 6: Placing Clothespins on the Wire Frame

Start placing clothespins on the wire frame. Yellow ones on the inner circle and black ones on the outer circle. Place one yellow, one black, one yellow , etc. until all clothespins are placed and you have a perfect wreath.

Step 7: Decorate With Flowers

Decorate with sunflowers and daisies and arrange them as you like. You can stuck them between the clothespins or use a hot glue gun to bond them to the wire frame and make it stronger.

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