Clove-Scented Orange Candle




Introduction: Clove-Scented Orange Candle

This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make a candle. In just a couple of minutes, with just an orange, whole cloves and some oil, you will have a beautifully scented candle that will burn for several hours! I like to soak toasted whole cloves in the oil for a day or two before assembling the candle. I keep a jar with ½ cup canola oil and a tablespoon of cloves in the pantry for this express purpose, but the cloves may be omitted, especially if you need an emergency candle because of a power outage. This decorative candle is perfect for fall gatherings as well. Enjoy this lovely use of fire and air!



¼ cup canola or olive oil

1 ½ teaspoons toasted whole cloves

1 medium orange

Sharp knife

Lighter or matches

Step 1: Soaking Cloves:

Stir oil and cloves together in a small container and set aside for 1-2 days.

Step 2: Preparing Orange:

Slice orange in half. Carefully use a sharp knife or fingers to remove orange segment halves from stem end of orange, leaving center pith intact.

Step 3: Adding Oil and Cloves:

Slowly pour oil into the orange peel bowl, saturating pith with oil and allowing ½-1 teaspoon of cloves into bowl.

Step 4: Lighting Candle:

Light pith with lighter or matches. (This may take several seconds or attempts.)

Step 5: Enjoy the Candle:

The candle will burn for several hours. Plus the room will smell wonderful!

Step 6: Notes:

Depending on the size of the orange, more or less oil may be used. Alternately, a clementine or lemon may be substituted for the orange.

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    8 weeks ago

    Wow! I love the idea :-) If I ever get out of lockdown, I am so going to try this! Thank you for sharing your idea :-)