Clown Putt Putt Game

Introduction: Clown Putt Putt Game

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida ( My inspiration came from the putt putt game in the movie Happy Gilmore I used an Arduino Uno, a metal gear servo, IR remote, IR receiver, and plenty of 3D printed parts.

Step 1: Design

Designing the components on Autocad inventor, I needed to make renderings of all the parts that I needed to print so first was the design aspect. The parts are in an attachment for viewing

Step 2: Arduino Code

This was the most strenous step for me because I am new to the C++ world.

i used the irremote library and also the servo library



int RECV_PIN = 11; // the pin where you connect the output pin of TSOP4838

int led1 = 10;

int itsONled[] = {0,0,0,0};

/* the initial state of LEDs is OFF (zero)

the first zero must remain zero but you can

change the others to 1's if you want a certain

led to light when the board is powered */

#define button1 0xFFA25D // code received from button A

Servo myservo;

int pos = 0;

int increment = 1;

long lastServoMove = 0;

IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);

decode_results results;

void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); // you can comment this line

irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver

pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);



void loop() {

//if (button1pressed)

if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {

unsigned int value = results.value;

switch(value) {

case button1:

if (itsONled[1] == 1) {

digitalWrite(led1, LOW);

itsONled[1] = 0;


else {

digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);

itsONled[1] = 1;







if(itsONled[1] == 1)


if(millis() - lastServoMove > 15)



if(pos == 80)


increment = -1;


if(pos == 0)


increment = 1;


pos = pos + increment;

lastServoMove = millis();




Step 3: Putting It All Together

Final steps I put all the printed pieces together, painted the face, and inserted the LED's for the final touch.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! This looks great and sounds like a fun project. Can you tell me more about the electrical components that you used and how it was all rigged together?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sure basically the arduino was controlling the servo through pin 9 the leds through pin 10 and the infrared remote sensor through pin 11 you can wire this all directly to the components or use a breadboard I chose to solder it so I would have better connections