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Introduction: "Clue" Wine Charms and Coasters

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Apparently everyone in my neighborhood decided Clue is boring, because the thrift store was chock full of the old mystery game. I grabbed a few for $2 each, thinking I would make some earrings out of the weapon pieces.

When I got home and opened one of the boxes, the game pieces were super detailed characters and the board was in perfect shape. Our Clue game growing up just had colored pawn pieces, and I was totally mesmerized by these miniature people. I couldn't toss them out, so instead I upcycled the game and made coasters out of the game board and wine glass charms from the characters.

This Clue Drink Set for Six makes a fun hostess gift for a murder mystery party, adds flair to board game night, and pairs perfectly with a viewing party for the movie "Clue," which is hilarious. Best of all, it is easy to make yourself in about an hour. With some creative adjustments, could be replicated with pretty much any board game.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- Xacto knife
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- Pliers
- Needle or pin
- Fire (candle, lighter, whatever)

- "Clue" game; edition with detailed character pieces. You will need the game board and character pieces, plus character cards if you are making your set to give as a gift.
- six straight eyelet posts
- super glue
- Black electrical tape or Gaff tape
- Clear acrylic spray sealer
- Wire earring hoops (25mm-ish size)
- Thin wire (if you are making your set to give as a gift)

Step 2: Liberate the Clue Gang

Using the Xacto knife, carefully cut each character from their base. Watch out though--they are a bunch of murders, the whole lot of them, so keep your eye on them after you give them freedom. You may want to remove the Clue weapons from the room before attempting this step so none of these undercover killers get any ideas.

Step 3: Add Charm Findings

Grab a needle or pin with some pliers and head the end over a flame until red. While hot, poke the end of the needle straight down the top a character's head. You don't need to go very far--1/8 inch is good. Remove the pin while it's still hot. Repeat for each character. If plastic goop piles up around the site of the hole, clean it off with the Xacto knife.

Snip six eyelet posts to 1/8 inch. Add a dot of superglue to the post, insert into the character's head wound so that the eyelet openings face each side.

Add one more small drop of superglue right where the post goes into the character's head. Let dry.

Step 4: Finish the Wine Charms

After the superglue is dry, simply thread each character charm onto an earring hoop. I got these hoops at Joanns--$1.99 for 12.

That's it for the Clue wine charms--if you are making the set for yourself, slip these murderers onto your wine glasses and get to partying! If you want to make swanky matching coasters or want to give the charms as a gift, keep going.

Step 5: Cut Out Rooms for Coasters

There are six characters in Clue, so we need to make six coasters. There are five rooms completely free of folds or cuts in the game board--the Kitchen, Observatory, Library, Lounge, and Study. The board's fold goes through the edge of the Billiards room, so we will use that room for the sixth coaster.

Using your ruler and Xacto knife, cut along the outside of the red lines surrounding each room. To get nice, clean edges, cut lightly on your first pass--you only need cut through the top surface of the paper. Make sure your first cut is shallow and crisp. Heavily go back over the same cut two or three times until you have cut all the way through the board, always using a smooth motion (no sawing through the paperboard).

After you have cut out each room, run a bit of electrical tape along the fold on the back of the Billiards room. This will keep the board flat. Trim the edges of the tape.

Step 6: Seal the Coasters

Spray the coaster-rooms with a few coats of clear acrylic finish. I did seven thin coats--since these are going to be directly underneath sopping-wet glasses, they need to be sealed really well. Once you are satisfied with the coats on top, flip the rooms over and spray two or three coats on the bottom to ensure that everything is sealed nicely.

I found that with all that spray, the sides were well-covered. If you notice some spots that look unsealed, make sure to go back over those areas.

Step 7: Optional Gift Presentation

If you want to give your neat-o Clue drink set as a gift, you can amp up the presentation using Clue character cards. Plus you can reuse even more of the Clue game pieces and keep them out of the trash a bit longer!

Using a tack, pin, or needle, poke two small holes in the top-right-ish area of a character card. Use a bit of thin jewelry wire to attach the corresponding wine charm to the card by making a loop, poking each end through the holes you made in the card, and twisting the ends together on the back.

You're done! Slip Mrs. Peacock around your wine stem, show off your board game craft skills, and enjoy a glass of cabernet (or an age-appropriate sparkling beverage if you are not yet of drinking age) while you solve murders.

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    3 years ago on Step 7

    This is such a neat idea! I love that you upcycled all those games, because truth be told, they would otherwise likely just sit in the second-hand shops, waiting forever to find a new home, if at all.

    Great project, and easily accomplished in one hour. Kudos!

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    These are all so great! They look professional :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks so much! It's an easy project to make look super tidy and professional, since the game designers did all the important work of making the characters and board beautiful :)