Introduction: Cmd Accounts

Are you tired of starting your computer, firing up IE and waiting for 10 minutes? Than use this easy-to-make batch program. It has much more than IE. I have a bigger version of Accounts called Homes.

Step 1:

Start Notepad or Notepad++. You need some knowledge of Batch to do this. Type in the following code:

@echo off
title Cmd Accounts
echo Cmd Accounts
echo ----------------------
echo 1) Start
echo 2) Exit
set /p menu==
if %menu%==1 goto start
if %menu%==2 exit
echo Cmd Accounts Home
echo ------------------------------
echo 1) Start IE
echo 2) Start Chrome
echo 3) Start Safari
echo 4) Notes
echo 5) Notepad
echo 6) Exit

Continuing in the next step.

Step 2:

Add this to the code:

set /p o==
if %o%==1 start ie.exe
if %o%==2 start chrome.exe
if %o%==3 start safari.exe
if %o%==4 start StikyNot.exe
if %o%==5 start notepad
if %o%==6 exit