CmodA7 7-segment Stopwatch

Introduction: CmodA7 7-segment Stopwatch

This was inspired by the need for a demo project for the CmodA7. Using the on-board buttons and an external 7-segment display I created a stopwatch.

Software needed:

  • Vivado Design Suite

Hardware needed:

Step 1: Wiring the Circuit

The CmodA7 and 7-segment display can be plugged directly into the breadboard. Using the jumper wires connect the CmodA7 to the 7-segment display as follows (The digits are numbered from left to right):

  • Segment A to pin 8
  • Segment B to pin 6
  • Segment C to pin 42
  • Segment D to pin 40
  • Segment E to pin 39
  • Segment F to pin 7
  • Segment G to pin 43
  • Decimal Point to pin 41
  • Digit 1 to pin 3
  • Digit 2 to pin 2
  • Digit 3 to pin 1
  • Digit 4 to pin 48

Step 2: Program the CmodA7

Download the appropriate BIT file for your version of the CmodA7. Open Vivado's Hardware Manager. From there connect to the CmodA7 and click program device. In the dialog asking for a Bitstream file, locate the file you downloaded and click Program.

Now that you have programmed the CmodA7, press BTN0 to start the stopwatch and BTN1 to reset.

If you want to program the board to run this program on boot follow the CmodA7 Programming Guide.

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