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Introduction: Co2 Nerf Blaster

So? You want to mod a nerf gun? To have unimaginable power? Shoot foam darts so fast that most of them disintegrate before they even leave the barrel?!?! Well then this instructable is... not for you.

Let me preface this build with two things in mind:

First, this project is more focused on the "power pod" that is, the co2 element to power the blaster. Unfortunately my documenting was not complete enough to explain my lights and paint job. Now keep in mind, the co2 BB pistol i used for this project (Crosmen Vigilante) IS NOT A TOY. It's no wonder why one must be of age to purchase one. A nerf blaster on the other hand is a toy, but don't be confused, once implemented in this project, the whole blaster becomes NOT A TOY.

Second, I have seen so many amazing Nerf mods. Many here on instructables. Yet! I have a few problems with them. Too many, often completely ruin the form factor of the blaster. Hoses, tubes, valves, tanks, and whatever else protruding from the blaster. Jerry rigged is the term I believe. I wanted something with some "umph" yet keep the form factor and appeal of a cool nerf blaster! Now, performance wise this mod is on point with some of the better spring and all metal construction mods. It's not "high powered" by any means. But! Yes! It does add a good amount of performance, but more importantly! Weight, and a great "Phhhhpling" when the trigger is pulled. A nerf blaster of compromise.

My goal with this project was not only to have a good looking and better functioning nerf blaster, but also to create a modular system to work across a range of blasters available by Nerf. This mod will pretty easily attach to any blaster that is spring powered, with the N-Strike stock attachment! It links between the two attachment points after all!

Anyways, this instructable may be a little shotty. But if any questions arise i will be happy to answer.


x1 Nerf Delta Tropper

x1 Crosmen vigilante bb gun

3D printed parts



LED light strip

Hot glue

Super glue

Various screw drivers

1/4 inch diameter, threaded metal tube, about 2 inches long

Step 1: Tear Down the Guns

Tear down the guns, take the nerf gun completely apart. For the bb gun, just take off the barrel and clip. Save all screws.

Step 2: The Parts to Discard

These are all the parts from both that will not be needed. Basically the only goal is to preserve the semi auto co2 blast from the bb gun, and the foam dart sled and magazine function from the nerf blaster.

Step 3: Print the Parts

Print the included parts. The housing for the pistol, the new oring cap for the nerf blaster spring chamber, as well as the old grip support and battery tray

Step 4: Pistol Mod

Drill and tap a hole inline in the pistol to match the 1/4 inch metal pipe

Take o ring off the piston of the nerf gun and place on the breech ring. the metal pipe will push into the back of this. The whole assembly will fit into the chamber of the nerf gun (where the main spring was)

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble all the parts. To attach the power pod to the end of the blaster i first dry fitted the parts and marked out where i needed to drill holes. Next I hot glued nuts on the inside so that the machine screws had something to thread into. All screws used are 6/32th of various sizes.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad you checked it out! Thanks!

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    That looks really neat all lit up :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks you! Appreciate it!


    3 years ago

    Impressive mod!