Introduction: Co2reacter

This is a good small co2 generator.It is good for any time plants are thing to be grown( use commonsense this is for a very small area for a co2 one this size )

Step 1: Gather Supply's

Ok you need

1 one gal glass container with 1 inch outlet/ inlet

1 wine bubbler ( only the base )

As much tubbing as you need from we're you plan on having it lot were it the co2 will be used. ( remember the longer the tubing the less gas you will get in the end )

Some sugar.

And a thing of Yeast energizer

And a funnel

And sum yeast ( I most forgot to add this one to the list )

Step 2: Adding the Sugar

Ok add the sugar to the glass container.

Step 3: Energizer

Ok add the yeast energizer to the sugar.

Step 4: Water

Do to not having a 3ed hand I do not have a pic for this one sorry . Ok fill the container Half full what WARM water and mix it up.( the pic is of it mixed )

Step 5: Yeast

Ok follow the instructions on the yeast bag or box .

Step 6: O Most There

It Should look something like this.

Step 7: It Next to My Tank

It's next to my tank is the intro this is a pic of the inhabitants.

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