Coat Rack / Christmas Stocking Stand

Introduction: Coat Rack / Christmas Stocking Stand

I took some scrap 2x4s I had lying around to make this. First I cut them down to 6' each and ran them through my planer. (I recommend using a good 4x4 for the pole if you have one)


1. 2 8' 2x4s or 1 6' 4x4 and 4 1' 2x4s
2. 3' screws (about 20 or so, less if you use a 4x4)
3. White acrylic paint, or latex
4. 1 2" wide (or 3") red ribbon

Step 1: Build the Pole

I cut 2' off of each pole to bring it down to a nice 6' tall pole. I ran both of the 2x4's through my planer to even them up a little. Once that was done I used screws and made sure I had a flush end for one side.

Step 2: Shaping the Pole Some

It was a bear to run it through my router, but between the router and a bit of work with my palm sander, I was able to smooth the edges and get a nice rounded edge.

Step 3: Making Some Feet for It

Those 2' pieces we cut off earlier get used here. I cut both of them in half and then used a miter saw to make an angled cut in the top. After very carefully attempting to attach them all evenly so the stand wouldn't wobble, I sanded them down too.

Step 4: Paint It White

Paint the entire pole with a decent white acrylic. Best to do two coats. I didn't paint the very bottom of it. I'm considering later on maybe coating the bottom with some Plasti Dip.

Step 5: Hooks and Red Ribbons

Add your hooks, then spiral wrap the red ribbon around it.

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    I like it. You could also wrap it with lights for some extra fun.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yep, lights would be pretty nice on it.