Cobblestone & Stone Generator(s)

Introduction: Cobblestone & Stone Generator(s)

Hi , in this guide I'll be telling how to make different cobblestone generators . At one point , its easier to make a stone generator , so there's also one stone generator among them .

These can be useless at the overworld , in survival , but are the most important machine at skyblock . You can also make one in the end , and make stuff there without having to take lots of stone/cobblestone .

Step 1: Model 1- Super Simple

This one requires one bucket of water and one bucket of lava , and some 2 block high surface .

Dig some of the ground , like the pictures .

Then , place water and lava , and you should have a cobblestone in that blank space between water and lava , destroy the cobblestone and another one appears .

Step 2: Model 2- Super Simple Alternative

This one uses much less space than the previous model , but is just the same .

Make a base or dig the ground , like the photo . I decided to make a base .

Then , dig a hole to stop the water flow .

Now , add lava and water . Works like the previous one .

Step 3: Model 3- Super Simple With Hopper

Both super simple models can be made with a hopper , to decrease amount of lost cobblestone . Sometimes , cobblestones fall into the lava and you lose them , the hopper can help decrease this .

Make a channel for the water and lava like the photos . Then destroy one block and place a hopper .

Now place lava and water .

Step 4: Model 4- Super Small W/hopper

This is the little one with a hopper .

First , place cobblestone , like the photos , to make the base . Then destroy one of the cobblestones and place the hopper .

Now place lava and water .

Step 5: Model 5- Piston Stone Generator

The ultimate stone generator . It creates very fast , and If youre using a stone pickaxe like me , it produces faster than you destroy . It needs 6 redstone , 5 repeaters , a lever , and some non-flammable blocks ,(It requires 2 water buckets instead of 1) , and 2 pistons (normal ones , sticky pistons wont work)

[ I've managed to make another one with 2 less redstone , but I should rewrite it all , and take new pictures :( ]

Steps :

1- place repeaters and redstone and 2 block , like the photo .

2- click on the repeaters 3 times to put them on maximum delay mode .

3- place 2 blacks and a lever on the second one . This lever can be removed but you can keep it to re-calibrate the device if it gets damaged .

4- place pistons . To make sure they are heading the right way , go stand in the front of those blocks and place them

5- make a base for water , like the photo .

6- put 2 blocks like this (No specific block , just used new stone so everyone could understand which blocks have been added .

7- add more blocks .

8- Double click the lever very fast , not very important how fast , it is auto-fixed by the repeaters .

9- add lava

10- add water

You can make a cover for the redstone stuff and for the lava , even for the water . I do not recommend a cover for the water , as in some cases the device might jam , and a cobblestone is created that blocks the way of water , not allowing water and resulting in no stone .

Step 6: Piston Generator's Troubleshooting

The piston generator can sometimes have lag or full jams , or sometimes it will make 1-2 cobblestone on start but continues to make normal stone .

- If no cobblestone is coming , open the redstone part and make sure the signal is spinning around .

If that didn't help , look at the water container and make sure it's not jammed .

- don't mine too fast , this may cause jams for some reasons .

- To make sure your device is running , listen to the piston sounds . They keep making the noise even when they stop working (pistons can't push more than 13 blocks and can't push some blocks due to some reasons . These blocks would be bedrock , obsidian , chests , signs , dispensers and more )

- To stop the device from making more stone , simply put a sign . The pistons can't push it .

-How to restart : Remove the redstone under the lever and wait a bit . The device stops . Place the redstone and double click the lever , fast .

-It's a good idea to put a bunch of signs in the redstone part . Just in case the lava container breaks - only 2 redstones are destroyed , signs can protect the rest .

Step 7: Final

Please note that cobblestone generators are not 100 % stone : sometimes the stones falls into lava . A hopper helps , but the piston one is the best . More minecraft guides are coming soon , including a superior stone generator , more redstone guides and a command block guide .

If you have any questions or need any help , feel free to leave a comment / send a message .

Thanks for reading .

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    Tip 1 year ago on Introduction

    This may not work as planned due to Minecraft updates and discrepancies between bedrock and java. This is java version might work on bedrock.


    3 years ago

    Why do you say to make the bases out of cobble, but then you use stone in the pics?


    7 years ago

    Weird , my instructables don't go on the "recent" section !!!