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Introduction: Cobra Helicopter

Today in this instructable I am going to show you how to make a cobra helicopter through cardboard.

Note:- To help you photos are attached to respective step, all the photos are from left to right according to the process of making so take help of them.


  • Cardboard sheet
  • Glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Brown sheet

Step 1: The Body

In this step we are going to make the template first so follow the following points

  • Draw the side profile of copter on a paper and then use it after to draw two identical pieces and cut those pieces. The photo of template is provided above you can take help of that.
  • After cutting pieces of cardboard now make grove from J to O(from photo third) so that the tail can be bent.
  • Now cut a strip of cardboard like I holder in my hand in above photo and stick it on the edges of the body.
  • Now make holes for windows and cover them by brown paper and roll sheet to make a cylinder and stick it at ASR points(from template).

  • Now cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and stick it to make it's nose so that it will look like the bottom most photo of fifth photo(collage).

  • Now stick the other side of body to make it close.

The body should look like the last photo.

Step 2: The Engine and Exhaust

  • The structure (TUVWHGFET) from template is to be cutter twice from cardboard sheet and then attach them via cardboard strip through TUVW , to make it clear photo of that part is above.
  • Nowto make exhaust by roll a brown sheet strip to make a hollow cylinder. Photos of both parts are provided you can take help of them.
  • As now we had created pard it's time to stick them on the body . Stick engine on the complement part of the body and Exhaust between I and J. You can always take help of templete.

At this the body is completed.

Step 3: The Wings

Of course the wings they are the most important part of such type of helicopter so first of let's start by making artillery. For this we will be needing toothpicks and brown sheet.

  • Cut toothpicks of appropriate size and cover them by rolling into brown sheet, do remember to make 8 units of them and two pieces without toothpicks. photos of these are above.
  • Now cut two rectangular piece of cardboard and stick two missile on either side of each making one set of it again if any confusions photos are always there for your help.
  • Now cut two piece of wing shaped and stick them perpendicular to the artillery units making one set.
  • Remember we had make two cylinder of brown sheet? that are to be stick now at the outer end of perpendicular section, such configuration is shown above.

At this time the fore wings or particularly attack wings are ready. For rear wings

  • Cut two small pieces of wing shaped and stick fore wings on the main body on either side and rear wings on the tail on either side.

As we are making artillery in this step so we need to make machine gun also

  • You will be only needing four toothpick and then either stick them or tie them with the help of thread in square form to make it a four barrel gun and stick it at P point(from template)

And that's all about artillery and wings

Step 4: The Landing Gear

A helicopter can't land or stand without its landing gear

  • To make those landing gears you need to cut two rings out of cardboard and stick both of them to make them strong.
  • Now cut a he ring into quarter circle.
  • Now take two toothpicks and using brown sheet strip stick two quarters of circle on either end of toothpick as shown in picture.
  • Now stick both the landing gears on either side of the body

Step 5: The Blades

There are two blades in our cobra the main one on top of engine and another smaller one at the end of tail. To built the main blade you need to follow the following points

  • Cut a rectangular strip of brown steep and roll it over the toothpick to give it a cylindrical shape remember that the toothpick is not fully inserted, it is upto half, the half is empty.
  • Nowmake a horizontal hole in cylinder just above where the toothpick ends and in this hole insert another toothpick, the whole structure will make a T shape.
  • Now cut out two blades in cardboard and insert each of them on either end of horizontal toothpick. Now your main blade is ready to make you copter fly.

Let'scome up to the rear blade

  • Cut a rectangular blade make hole in the middle of it, now take a toothpick make stopper by simply rolling sheet and then insert it into the blade then again, after inserting blade make a stopper by same process so the the blade can't come off.
  • Nowinsert an end of stick at the back end of tail by making a hole in it and same is applied to the main blade.

Atthis time the blades are also ready let's move on to next step.

Step 6: The Stand

This step is optional to you as cobra already made its flight. This stand is not going to ordinary cause it has gimble mechanism so to make it you need to cover the following points

  • Cut a rectangular piece and further cut it in a U strip and rectangular piece as shown in picture above
  • Now stick a piece of toothpick on the U strip to give it strength and first axis of rotation
  • Cut a piece of cardboard in square form to make a open cube. Let's give the wall name A,B,C,D then wall of A,C will be longer than B,D and holes for toothpick to insert will be at base of wall and walls B,D will have holes at upper end in which U strip will rest
  • Now insert a toothpick through the base holes of A,C wall and insert the U strip in the holes at upper part of B,D wall and remember that the U strip will rotate but the toothpick through A,C wall will not ,take help of photos
  • Take a rectangular cardboard sheet as base and make four walls at its center. Now take two rectangular piece of cardboard with the holes at top and stick them at two walls of base and now pass the toothpick through A,C wall through the two holes at top and the gimble mechanism with two axis stand and is ready
  • Remember the piece we cut out to make the U strip? That piece will be stick at bottom of helicopter between landing gears to attach or detach helicopter from stand when desired.

The cardboard cobra helicopter is finally made out with its gimble stand which give it different positions to hold. Now it's your choice to whether colour it or remain as such.

If any suggestions, doubts, confusions, please ask in comments

Have a nice day thank you :)

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