Introduction: Cobra Weave Paracord

Today I will teach you how to do the cobra weave paracord method. This is one of the more simple ways of making paracord bracelets and definitely one of the most common methods. It's pretty easy to do, perfect for beginners!

Step 1: Materials!

The crucial materials for a paracord bracelet are...

1. A side release buckle

2. Paracord

3. Scissors

4.A flame (to melt the ends: Gas flame, lighter, match)

Step 2: Melting the Ends

Use your flame (I used a gas flame) to melt the ends. Make sure you put the end in the blue part of the flame, otherwise it will burn the string and you will have to cut it. Once the end has been melted squash down the end of the string (Not with bare hands). Making the ends flat is not crucial, but is helpful in later steps.

Step 3: Tying on the Buckle

After your ends are melted, thread both of them through the buckle (picture 1 and 2) . Pull the buckle down the cord until there is a small loop at the bottom (picture 3). Then get the two loose ends of the cord and pull them through the loop at the end. Pull it tight and it should look like picture 4.

Step 4: Measuring Your Wrist

Now you need to measure your wrist. Get the remaining end of the buckle (picture 1) and thread it onto the melted cord (picture 2). Pull the buckle down the string until it is around picture 3. (you may need somebody else to help you with this) Put your wrist in between the two buckles (if it doesn't fit, push the trident buckle along) and pull the trident buckle far enough along that it can click into the other side. Unclip the buckle, holding the trident in place. the space in between is how wide your wrist is.

Step 5: Weaving! Part 1

1.Making sure you have kept the trident buckle in place, pull both loose ends of the cord outwards (picture 1).

2.Get the rightend of the string and put it over the middle, making a loop on the right. (picture 2)

3.Get the left end of the string and put it over the right (where it has gone in step 2). (picture 3)

4.Grab the end of the left string, and without changing your previous step, push the string through from underneath the loop you made in 2. (picture 4)

5. Simply pull both ends tight. (picture 5)

Step 6: Weaving! Part 2



1. Take the right end of the cord and put it under the middle, making a loop on the right. (picture 1)

2. Take the left end of the cord and put it under the right. (picture 2)

3. Take the left cord, bring it over the right and pull it through the loop made in step 1.

Step 7: Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Keep repeating weaving part 1 and 2 (1 first then 2) until you have a fully woven bracelet! if you ran out of cord before finishing, this means you have not started with enough. You can melt the ends with your flame and add more, but next time start with enough!

How to finish:
When you have completed your bracelet, trim the excess cord and melt the ends!

Thanks for using my tutorial!