Introduction: Coca Cola Honey

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I show you how to make Honey using Coca Cola

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

You'll need:
- 0.5L (500ml) of Original taste Coca Cola

- 1kg (2.2lbs) of sugar

Step 3: Put Cola in Saucepan

Step 4: Boil Cola a Little Bit.

Cola should be barely warm.

Step 5: Put 1/4 of Sugar.

Don't put all sugar at once. You should repeat this step few times.

Step 6: Stir Until Sugar Dissolves in Cola

You should repeatedly add sugar and stirring until approximately 1/4 of Cola is vaporized. This takes about one hour on moderate flame.

Step 7: Put Cola Into the Jar.

Don't afraid if Cola looks like syrup, it is should be like this.

Step 8: Put Cola Syrup in Cold Water.

Wait until syrup cools down.

Step 9: Put Cola Syrup in Fridge or Freezer.

Step 10: Wait About One or Two Hours

If you use Freezer 30-45 min(s) should be enough.

Step 11: Done